1. Secure & seamless connectivity

Vodafone and Ziggo’s powerful networks form a high-quality infrastructure that enables seamless connectivity, smart working solutions and innovative services – all of which means we are ready for the future of digital. Read more about 1. Secure & seamless connectivity .

Security and privacy

Millions of customers trust us with their personal data – from online activities and e-mail traffic to invoicing data. As a telecom provider, we therefore bear a great deal of responsibility. Read more about Security and privacy .

Electromagnetic fields

VodafoneZiggo strives to provide a high-quality network with nationwide coverage so that everyone is connected, wherever they may be. Read more about Electromagnetic fields .

2. Endless entertainment

VodafoneZiggo has been a leading platform for exclusive content for many years, where audiences can enjoy their favourite Movies & Series and Ziggo Sport. The next step in our evolution is to become the home of entertainment for our customers. Read more about 2. Endless entertainment .

3. Best business solutions

The digitisation of society has had an enormous impact on entrepreneurs. Read more about 3. Best business solutions .

4. Smart digital experience

Technology and retail companies are setting the bar higher than ever for speed, flexibility and intuitive convenience in the user experience – raising consumer expectations with them. Read more about 4. Smart digital experience .

5. Progress for everyone

At VodafoneZiggo, we aim to provide our employees with a fulfilling working environment. That is why we encourage them to have their say on their collective labour agreement, develop themselves without limits, and connect and collaborate with others. Read more about 5. Progress for everyone .

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diverse and inclusive teams strengthen the feeling of well-being among our employees – which leads to better performance. Therefore, increasing diversity, equity and inclusion is of huge importance to us. Read more about Diversity, equity and inclusion .

Leave no-one behind

According to research by the Netherlands Court of Audit, as many as 2.5 million people in the Netherlands have insufficient digital literacy skills. Read more about Leave no-one behind .

Impact of purchasing

Ethics and sustainability are of paramount importance at VodafoneZiggo. We are always working to make our value chain more sustainable with our purchasing code, intensive monitoring and guidance. Read more about Impact of purchasing .

Evironmentally-friendly working

Conscious energy use in our offices and shops, a more energy-efficient network and increasingly sustainable data centres are some of the basic principles of our continuously-reviewed sustainable operation. Read more about Evironmentally-friendly working .