Stakeholder interaction and materiality

In this Integrated Annual Report, we provide an up-to-date picture of the topics that are relevant to our stakeholders and us. To determine those topics, we consulted internal and external stakeholders, reviewed our strategic pillars and examined the developments within society that affect our organisation. 

The process to define our material topics began with surveys, media and political scans, issue analyses, individual interviews and an employee satisfaction survey called Heartbeat. We also reviewed reporting guidelines, our reputation surveys, business risks, trend analysis, market developments and factors that affect trust and reputation. All of these sources enabled us to identify what we consider to be the most material topics. Together, they form the basis of our Integrated Annual Report.

In 2021, we asked our internal and external stakeholders to prioritise the material topics. Material topics are those topics which, in the eyes of its internal and external stakeholders, enable VodafoneZiggo to have the most significant impact on society (people and the environment). In 2022, we internally reviewed our material topics again, assessing and reformulating them as necessary to better align with the way we managed the material topics during the past year. The outcomes of these reviews were then reviewed and approved by our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Senior Management Team (SMT). The SLT and SMT are ultimately responsible for actions and performance concerning the identified material topics.

Based on internal discussions and market developments, we have implemented the following changes: 

  • ‘Innovative products and services’ and ‘Technological solutions for society’ were merged to become ‘Innovative products and services for society’

  • ‘Data security of our customers’ and ‘Privacy of our customers’ were merged to become ‘Data security and privacy of our customers’

  • ‘Circular economy’ and ‘Energy consumption and CO2 emissions’ were merged to become ‘Environmental performance’. In addition, we discovered that awareness for and impact of the subject have increased. For that reason, we added this topic to the top five of our most material topics

  • From our interaction with our stakeholders, we discovered that they are now focusing more closely on the following topics: ‘Putting the customer first’, ‘Digital inclusion for everyone’ and ‘Employer of choice’. In addition, we found out that, by focusing on these themes, we can increase our impact on society

  • ‘Social partnerships’ has been removed from the list because we recognise that we are collaborating with our social partners in connection with several topics, in order to increase our positive impact. We decided that this topic should be reflected in the context of these separate topics

Our most important output is a reliable and future-proof network which is continuously used by millions of customers.

The list of material topics and an update of the definitions and the priority order can be found below. Our progress and our policies regarding material topics is evaluated each year, based on the results we have achieved.

What are our material topics?

The material topics referred to this report are listed below, in line with the adjusted prioritisation:

Reliable and future-proof network

Working with our partners on a reliable, innovative and future-proof network that is available to everyone. 

Data security and privacy for our customers

Protecting customers, consumers and companies against (cyber)crime and handling personal data in a responsible way.

Electromagnetic radiation

Providing transparency and communicating openly regarding the possible health effects of electromagnetic radiation. 

Innovative products and services for society

Offering innovative products and services that connect people, help them move forward and enable them to participate in a digital society that is more secure, more efficient, healthier and cleaner. 

Innovative products and services for society

Offering innovative products and services that connect people, help them move forward and enable them to participate in a digital society that is more secure, more efficient, healthier and cleaner. 

Putting the customer first

Putting customers first by listening to them and improving and developing existing and new products and services. 

Digital and transformative organisation

Preparing for the digital future by creating an agile, flexible and transformative organisation. 

Environmental performance

Reducing our impact on the environment by reducing our energy consumption, our CO2 emissions and our use of (new) raw materials, as well as reusing and recycling raw materials and extending the service life of our products. 

Digital inclusion for everyone

Helping people learn digital skills to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands can participate in the digital society in a responsible way. 

Employer of choice

Supporting employees in their personal development with training courses, individual guidance and attractive terms and conditions of employment. To achieve this, we also focus on having a positive impact on the health and safety of our employees and our environment. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive working environment that reflects society and is a place where everyone feels safe and at home.  

Working ethically

Working responsibly, fairly and ethically.

Governance and compliance

Ensuring responsible and effective governance in the long term and complying with legislation and regulations. 

Sustainable and ethical supply chain

Working with our partners to ensure we have an honest, ethical and sustainable purchasing and sales chain.


Financial performance

Striving to achieve a healthy and robust financial performance so that we can continue creating value for all our stakeholders in the long term. 

Who are our stakeholders?

Whether it is customers, partners, suppliers, or the government –VodafoneZiggo makes communication possible for the Netherlands. We regard anyone we impact with our actions or who impacts us as a stakeholder, and we are committed to maintaining consistent contact with them. We want to know what is going on in their world and what role they envision for VodafoneZiggo, taking their insights and using them to shape our strategic priorities, material topics and the SDGs to commit to. You can find more information in the Stakeholder table in the Additional information section about the dialogues we had with our stakeholders in 2022, the frequency of those discussions and the topics we addressed.

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