People Planet Progress

Our products and services bring people together and enable us to have a positive impact on millions of customers. We want to make that contribution in an even more sustainable and inclusive way.

This is reflected in the goals of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, under the heading of People Planet Progress (PPP). By 2025, we intend to halve our environmental impact and enable two million people to progress in society. Under the watchful eye of our Corporate Social Responsibility team, the entire organisation is playing its part to achieve these goals. 

The indicators that fall within the scope of limited assurance of our external auditor are marked with the symbol √.


Digital developments offer lots of opportunities, but they also create inequalities in what’s otherwise known as the ‘digital divide’. VodafoneZiggo is striving to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to participate in the digital society fully. Thanks to our technologies and programmes, we are improving the lives of vulnerable groups and society as a whole, with a focus on three key areas: 

  • Making sure that everyone has the right skills to participate in the digital society of today and tomorrow

  • Ensuring that everyone has appropriate access to digital products and services

  • Ensuring that our own products and services are accessible to everyone


Our overarching objective by 2025 is to reduce CO2 emissions within the entire chain (Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions) by 50% compared to 2018. We will then offset the remaining emissions within our own chain, reducing them to zero. We are focusing on three key environmental performance areas: 

  • Environmentally-friendly working: we are minimising the ecological footprint of our network (electricity, fossil fuels and e-waste) and our buildings (shops and offices)

  • Sustainable products & services: we are reducing our production emissions and the energy consumed by our products and services, and we are using less and less packaging materials

  • Sustainable mobility: we are minimising the ecological footprint of our mobility (leased vehicle fleet, technicians’ vans, commuting and flights)


Digital innovations offers great opportunities to advance society. Within our Business segment we have seen many examples of ways in which our technology and our network can progress society in groundbreaking ways. Some examples of these innovations include: 

To stay on track, we measure our performance against various indicators and our ambitions for 2025. We use the insights that this generates to adapt our approach, increase our positive impact on society and reduce our negative impact on the environment. In 2022 we enabled another 229,000 people to progress in society. Since 2020 we helped in total 564,000 people, mainly via our Online Masters programme. This results in achieving 28% of our ambition to enable 2,000,000 people to progress in society between 2020 and 2025.

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