Corporate governance

VodafoneZiggo Group Holding B.V. is a private limited liability company under Dutch law and is subject to the mitigated large company regime. VodafoneZiggo's Central Office is located in Utrecht. Read more about Corporate governance .

Tax contribution report

We are committed to acting with integrity, honesty and transparency in all tax-related matters. We align our tax strategy with our company purpose and values because we recognize the societal contribution we make by paying a fair share of tax. Read more about Tax contribution report .

Risk management

We have a comprehensive Risk Management Framework in place. This Framework helps us achieve our strategic goals, maintain confidence in our brands and protect our stakeholders, including customers, employees and shareholders. Read more about Risk management .

Ethical working

We have thousands of colleagues who, every day, collaborate with each other, serve customers, and manage our products and services. Read more about Ethical working .


VodafoneZiggo is subject to sector-specific regulation enforced by different regulatory authorities, most notably the Authority for Consumer & Markets (ACM) and the Authority for Digital Infrastructure (RDI). Read more about Regulatory .

Composition of our Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer (M, 1966) (Statutory Director)  Nationality: Dutch Read more about Composition of our Senior Leadership Team .