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Download the PDF version of the Integrated Annual Report VodafoneZiggo 2022 here. Read more about Downloads .


VodafoneZiggo helps people make valuable connections. We are the driving force behind digitisation in the Netherlands, and use the power of technology to build the sustainable network of the future and make society stronger. Read more about Home .

Throughout the year

VodafoneZiggo successfully issued its first Sustainability Linked Bonds of €2.1 billion, under the new Sustainable Finance Framework. Read more about Throughout the year .

Message from our CEO

In our connected society, the more we digitise, the more important our daily connections become. That is why we continue to invest in the innovative technologies that have made the Netherlands’ networks one of the best in the world. Read more about Message from our CEO .

About VodafoneZiggo

We are VodafoneZiggo, a leading Dutch telecom company that provides fixed and mobile connectivity, entertainment services and business services to consumer and business customers. Read more about About VodafoneZiggo .

The world around us

With the war in Ukraine, exceptionally high inflation and an energy crisis, the world around is increasingly unstable. Against this challenging backdrop, digitisation has increased and expanded. Read more about The world around us .

Our Experience Centre

The VodafoneZiggo Central Office in Utrecht is home to the Experience Centre, a place where our purpose comes to life. Read more about Our Experience Centre .

Helping Society

If we want to realise our ambitions to improve the world around us, we need actions as well as words. Read more about Helping Society .

People Planet Progress

Our products and services bring people together and enable us to have a positive impact on millions of customers. We want to make that contribution in an even more sustainable and inclusive way. Read more about People Planet Progress .

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